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Do you have a story to tell?

Want to tell a little-known secret about a place you love? Curious what’s happened in the spot you’re standing on right now? Readily lets you share and discover stories all around you.



Every corner has a secret

Readily holds the stories of places around us, told by the voices of the community. We’re a digital storytelling platform connecting short stories—anecdotes, narratives, micro-nonfiction, and factoids—with the world at large. 



The antidote to Instagram

Forget mindless scrolling. Readily will keep you inspired and knowing more about the places around you.

Whether you’re visiting a new city or simply on your way home from work, dive into new and familiar places with stories that inspire, entertain and inform.

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Who tells stories on Readily? You do!

Anyone can submit stories to be included in the app, and our community of users can discover, read, save. and share stories they love.


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